Fecal Egg count Exams are Important!

What is a fecal test?

Lab exam done on a fresh sample of manure from your horse  to give information about parasite infection status and if the deworming regimen is effective at controlling the parasites your horse comes in contact with.

Test looks for:

  1. Are Intestinal parasite eggs present
  2. What type of parasite is laying the eggs (Strongyle, Roundworm, whipworm, Pinworm, *tapeworm) The number of eggs is reported as “eggs per gram”.

*Fecal floatation tests are less effective at diagnosing tapeworm infections which is a reason we recommend using an appropriate dewormer against tapeworm at least once a year.

It is easy to collect samples during spring herd health and results are returned within 1-2 days.  Based on the results we can tailor a deworming program specific to your horse for the year, which may save your horse from an episode of colic or unnecessary dewormings.

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