Michigan Large Animal Associates was formed to offer high-quality care for equine and bovine patients. Our highly trained staff is available to answer your animal health related questions. We offer 24-hour emergency service, in-clinic hospitalization, and surgery.

Preventive Medicine  |
Our staff has designed vaccination and deworming programs with your needs in mind to give your horse the highest level of protection. Every horse owner should have annual vaccines given, have a good deworming protocol, and have routine dental care provided to their horse. Give our staff a call and we can help you give your horse the best care to ensure they live a long and fruitful life no matter what their purpose.

Reproduction |
Reproductive medicine is very important to us at MLAA. We use the latest in ultrasound technology and hormone therapy to give your mare the optimal conditions for breeding.

Performance Medicine |
Keep your show horse up to par. Our doctors will evaluate your horse and offer nutrition consultation, soundness examination, and performance dentistry. We also offer joint injections and regenerative medicine.

Surgical Procedures |
Either on the farm or in the clinic we offer routine surgical services for your horse or cattle. Our surgery services include bovine G.I. procedures, C-sections, and hernia repair. We do routine gelding surgery, bovine castrations, and dehorning.

Pre-Purchase Exams |
Our Clinic can help you with purchasing your new horse by offering thorough Pre-Purchase examinations which include a neurological exam, soundness exam, dermatologic exam, and a cardiovascular exam. We are equipped with a portable x-ray machine if radiography is indicated. We will prepare a pre-purchase packet that explains what we examined and what we discovered to help you make the smartest investment for your horse needs.

Bovine Herd Health Services |
Increase your herd profitability by optimizing milk production and decreasing disease and sickness. With our technologically advanced ultrasound equipment, we can give more accurate results than ever before. Talk to our staff about customizing a vaccine program to optimize the health of your herd.