Equine Services

Preventive Medicine |

Our staff will work with you to formulate a tailored vaccination and deworming program with your needs in mind to give your horse the highest level of protection. Every horse should have annual vaccines, an individualized deworming protocol, and routine dental care. Our staff can help you give your horse the best care to ensure they live a long and fruitful life no matter what their purpose.

Endoscopy |

We offer a portable 3.5-meter endoscope, available for in-clinic or on-the-farm diagnostics. With our endoscope, we can now offer gastroscopy as a diagnostic for gastric ulcers and can utilize the scope for upper airway exams. If you have concerns or questions about gastric ulcers, please set up a consultation with our office.

Surgical Procedures |

We offer routine gelding surgeries, soft tissue surgeries, and laceration repair.

Pre-Purchase Exams |

Pre-purchase exams help you determine if your prospective horse suits your needs and helps prevent surprises. A pre-purchase exam includes a general physical exam, a musculoskeletal exam, a soundness exam, a neurological exam, an ophthalmic exam, and an oral exam. Add-on services include radiographs on-site with our portable x-ray machines and blood work including toxicology screening. After the exam, you will obtain a written document that explains the findings to help you make the smartest investment for your horse needs.

Reproduction |

Reproductive medicine is very important to us at MLAA. We offer pre-breeding exams which can include uterine cultures and biopsies to ensure your mare is in optimal condition for breeding. We perform on-farm artificial insemination (AI) and offer the latest in ultrasound technology to aid your mare on the journey from pre-breeding to foaling. *We do not offer stallion collection*

Performance Medicine |

Keep your show horse in top shape! Our doctors will evaluate your horse and offer nutrition consultations, soundness examinations, and performance dentistry. We have multiple portable radiograph and ultrasound units to assist in lameness diagnosis. We also offer joint injections, regenerative medicine, and alternative therapies (see below to learn more) to keep your athletic partner feeling good and performing well.

Alternative Therapies |

Dr. Cadena is certified in veterinary spinal manipulation therapy (sometimes called equine chiropractic adjustments) as well as acupuncture for equine athletes. Combined with traditional western medicine, these approaches can help keep your horse feeling its best.

We also offer laser therapies, tPEMF (electromagnetic therapy), and ozone therapy. Please contact our office to learn more.

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