Coggins: What is it and why do we test annually?

  Coggins season is upon us!  But what is Coggins and what does it entail? Coggins is an infectious disease clinically called Equine Infectious Anemia or EIA.  It is often referred to as Coggins because the scientist that developed the first effective and reliable test back in the 1970’s was Dr. Leroy Coggins.  To thisContinue reading “Coggins: What is it and why do we test annually?”

Fecal Egg count Exams are Important!

What is a fecal test? Lab exam done on a fresh sample of manure from your horse  to give information about parasite infection status and if the deworming regimen is effective at controlling the parasites your horse comes in contact with. Test looks for: Are Intestinal parasite eggs present What type of parasite is layingContinue reading “Fecal Egg count Exams are Important!”